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Affordable Automated Digital Solutions for ALL Small Businesses and Trades. 


Getting  your website started.  Welcome to step one towards digital excellence.  Digital strategy and social media marketing can change the way you do business and get leads while you're working.  Leverage lead automation to work for you 24/7 without having to manually market your business.  The discovery form below will allow us to understand where you are at and how we can help at a cost you can afford.  Starting as low as $500 for a single design service. 
Tell us about your business and we'll send you what we've discovered free of charge. All your information is confidential with (SSL) industry secure socket layer for your protection.  We will never spam or sell your information to anyone.  



Tell your story so people online listen.

Storytelling to get your prospects to trust you and share with others. 

online facts you need to know.

Digital marketing is the best way to help your business grow faster and be found online.   


using calls to action online to get your phone ringing

Are you getting any lead alerts to your mobile? Use visuals such as video and photos to get them to take action.  

Win Customers and get them to share.

Customers are the best referrers.  How to use social media and user generated content to create a new customer following ?

"Small business marketing as a whole must have a purpose and a sustainable sales lead  strategy and continuous visitor engagement and communications via social media." 

They say "INSANITY is doing things over and over and expecting different results."  This is why Ardel Media Group believes in keeping customers and supporting them through a successful journey online.  
Getting started and making a decision to improve your online presence is the first step.  If you already have a website ask yourself if it helps to bring in new customers or is it just a catalog, pictures and what you do online? 

ASK YOURSELF these vital business questions? 

-Are your website and social media page working for you? Is it making your business money or are you paying money each month just to have a shiny website? ( a billboard in the desert.) 

Are you too busy to do any marketing online? We can manage or you can learn to DIY with full ongoing support.  All lead generation is transparent to view your performance on a dashboard. 

-Can you benefit to be alerted by email or SMS by someone needs your service? 

-Currently, work by referrals?  Do you have a system where clients automatically send them to you and share with other people without writing it down and trying to remember? 

-Are you making enough sales to be happy or would like to make two-three or more times more business with the same effort? 

-Would you like a virtual marketing strategist that can deliver, execute and report performance to your business while you work on the heart of your business serving clients and customers? 
Let's be honest.. your business should have more than just a website, but in some cases you won't need one. 
In all cases you do need a funnel system to keep customers coming thru automation.