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Online facts you need to know for your small business. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that there were around 13.5 million internet subscribers at the beginning of 2017 – a 4.7% increase on the previous year.  87% of Australians access the internet daily with averages showing that each spends 10 hours a day on an internet-connected device. 

Seventeen million (17M) Australians are active Facebook users out of a total population of 24.4 million; a staggering statistic that shows just how much the changes in the way in which we receive information continue to accelerate on mobile devices.


Other top popular social platforms are progressing audience engagement and user-generated content gaining impressive numbers with 5 million Aussies using Instagram, 4 million signed up to LinkedIn, the same number using Snapchat, 3 million on Twitter, and a total of 15 million unique Australian visitors to YouTube. The majority of this audience engagement leveraged by mobile devices’ on the go.


Device-specific data shows the split with desktop responsible for 59.56% of usage and mobile, 40.44%. This should be considered in all social media marketing strategy, as the mobile proportion is consistently growing. All campaigns, content, and posts should be optimised for mobile feeds and displays. If they’re not you’re disengaging almost half of your potential audience immediately.

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