Does your business website build lead triggers with "calls to action" (CTA)?

Welcome to 2018! Have you thought about your next goal in building a presence online? First and foremost the best thing to do is to learn how your brand has performed the past year and identify what percentage of your efforts have been on marketing your brand. This will give you an idea of how your strategy for improvements begin. This blogs explains communication and leads by building what we call in the digital space as "Calls to action" or CTA.

First, things first. How has your website, if you have one, helped to communicate with prospects and customers? Does your website bring you business leads by phone? Or is it a basic online catalogue with pictures, pricing and a phone number and email?

Calls to Action

The purpose of a small business website is to tell your story and engaging with the visitors to take an action on your website. In Internet marketing, it's important to always have what is referred as a "Call to Action".

Calls to action can be in a form of language like, call now for a 10% discount, or enter to win $100 by entering your name, email and phone number. Whatever offer you have remember the "incentive" is the secret to getting people to take action.

By creating calls to action you create the user to offer you a "lead" of information which you can pursue in many ways. Either contact them and close the sales or open conversations on your product and services.