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User Generated Content is King! 


92% consumers trust earned media (UGC) more than any other form of media on the planet.
86% of consumers believe UGC is generally a good indicator of a brand, service or product’s quality


35% Millennials find UGC 35 percent more memorable than other media

Millennials spend 30 percent of their daily media time—about 5.4 hours per day—looking at social rather than branded content on social media. (regular display ads)
And it’s no wonder when people are posting over 1.8 billion photos daily on Instagram and Twitter alone.


Simply put, smart brands are creating stories and moments to engage in versus products to push. UGC creates opportunities for brands to authentically connect with their customers. Consumers consider it to be more trustworthy than branded content, and it creates a better customer experience. Invasive advertising just doesn’t work anymore.

People now share more than ever and look to their peers, family and friends for validation and recognition. By harnessing and showcasing these stories, brands are able to connect with customers in a more authentic and personalized way — lifting engagement, strengthening consumer trust and ultimately driving sales.

User-generated content helps your most passionate customers become your brand advocates, effectively building communities around your products and services.

UGC is ideal for any content marketing strategy. You can take any piece of UGC and use it across virtually any channel, at any time. The users of your brand create the content anyway, and if you’re not curating it and showcasing your customers, you’re missing out on brand equity.


The utility of UGC then transcends individual marketing campaigns and can send a consistent message at every touch point where your customer interacts with your brand. The result is a greater likelihood of increased social engagement, higher conversion rates and better ad performance.

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