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Small Business Google Website packages for non techies. 

Website projects starting as low as $599. Our custom pricing model is simple and our work is transparent and measurable so you're not in the dark. Payment options available. 
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The Google Starter
Package for Small Business


A Simple website with ALL the requirements to be found on Google.  A six page micro-site or landing page,  features for your business. WILL include:   Six main pages on the navigation. 

  • Basic lead generation website.  All Google search requirements enabled and Included. 
    Includes (6) calls to action elements.
    Includes SEO optimisation and set up** for Google Adwords organic search campaign. 
    Includes up to 6 main landing pages with up to 4 subcategories.


  • You OWN your domain and full control of your website administration after your site set-up is complete.  If you can email, Facebook, cut and paste or drag and drop, the site is easy to manage.  Two week training included. 

  • Free 24/7 online help videos to educate you on everything digital marketing!  Or DMP can manage for a fee based on your need by a Google Certified Marketing specialist. 

  • Free Custom themed company Mobile App. (Post promotions, post forums, chat live to prospects from your phone! )

  • Notification options to your mobile when someone is on your site. You can view what pages they are viewing. 

  • Daily dashboard reporting notifications on your social media activities and traffic. 

  • Transparency of all website activity for performance optimisation. You control and pay for your marketing budgets. 

  • Free Google Analytics integration set up (choice of managed or DIY.) 

  • Click here to view "How Google Adwords "Cost per click" works.  

You control your digital advertising budgets. We advise and execute a strategy showing you step by step in person, on the free phone app or  in our network forums and online help videos!

We educate our clients.  Technology changes everyday.  We train the basics so you understand more about your business online.  Small business digital marketing and benefits. We help getting people to find your business.   "We teach you how to fish, so you can take control of your success!"

ALL the features from abouve . You can add other website plug-ins to advance and improve your website activity and traffic. Costs vary and usually charge a small monthly fee between $5-10.  Set up fee's and programming depends on the functions. Client must provide all the content in a word document, or we can provide optimisation services to build sales acquisition, retention, awareness and engagement.  
  • Automated online calendars and bookings app
  • Blogs and Forums to syndicate on social media or newsletters
  • Form builders to capture customer information and orders.
  • Automated Facebook and Instagram Integration feeds and streams on your webpages
  • Create loyalty memberships and subscriptions to your site. Database building. 
  • Automated email newsletters set by your needs. 
  • Events and registration engine for payments online
  • E-Commerce online stores
  • Content Marketing Development & Website lead Generation 
  • Brand Marketing development
  • CRM Development Integration (Building and growing customer database)
  • Website Community and Engagement Development (Blog/Vlog/Forums)
  • Social Media Management Training and Support
  • Automated email marketing, training and support
  • Public Relations and Media Relations
  • Media Buying
  • E-Commerce Planning
  • Website Development and Website Design
  • Graphic Design 
  • Google Analytics Integration (Free integration)
  • Google Advertising (Free integration)
  • Online :30 sec video commercial production for social media
  • SEO, SEM and Display Advertising Optimisation
  • Project development collaboration with client via ASANA software and #Slack Mobile
You set your budget and we create a plan with options.  Simple services start as low as $750 a project while larger on going projects can cost as much as $1.5k-10k+.   You set your parameters in which to scale your business marketing costs.  

We offer flexible payment plans on special projects and ongoing services you choose. 
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